I saw my baby

She shares:

Kirsty shares her heartbreaking #ISawMyBaby abortion pill experience.

I felt horrible taking it, because as soon as I took the first pill, I didn’t want to. I had really bad cramps as I was drifting off into sleep, then when I woke up, I actually didn’t feel anything, so I didn’t think it had worked. And I just remember lifting up my blanket and it being like a scene out of a horror movie. And I just remember getting up, and as I got up I could feel a drip of blood coming down my legs, and then I looked down and I’d made a mess on the carpet. And to this day I’ve still got a stain on the carpet, which is all I’ve got left of my baby now.

Then I rushed into the shower, and I just remember washing the blood of my baby down the shower. The at-home abortion is being made to make you think you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home without, you know, having to travel to a clinic or a hospital. But then you’ve got the memory of the loss of your child in your own home forever. So now, to me, my home is not my home, my happy safe place. It’s the place where it took away my child. If I could go back, my decision would be completely different. And I would never want—I would never want my worst enemy to feel the way I’m feeling now, because it’s the worst feeling in the world.